Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Last updated on: 24-Oct-23

Introduction By accessing our website, www.nodwest.com ("website"), operated under NODWEST PTE. LTD. and its affiliates, you agree to abide by the following terms and conditions ("Terms"), whether or not you use our Goods.

Section 1 - Online Site Terms

  • Users must be of legal age or have guardian consent to use the site.
  • Use of Goods for illegal purposes or violating jurisdictional laws is prohibited.
  • Transmission of harmful code, like worms or viruses, is strictly forbidden.
  • The website doesn't discriminate based on various demographics.

Section 2 - General Conditions

  • We reserve the right to refuse service at any time.
  • Users agree to comply with these Terms and any posted guidelines.
  • The website provides information that may be occasionally inaccurate or incomplete.
  • Content might be unencrypted when transmitted and is subject to technical adaptations.
  • Reproduction or unauthorized use of website content without written permission is prohibited.

Section 3 - Accuracy, Completeness, and Timeliness of Information

  • The website does not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of information.
  • Historical information provided is for reference and might not be current.
  • Users are responsible for monitoring changes to the site.

Section 4 - Modifications to the and Prices

  • Goods' prices may change without notice.
  • The website reserves the right to modify or discontinue services at any time.

Section 5 - Goods

  • We reserve the right to limit or discontinue the sales of Goods or services.
  • Descriptions and pricing of Goods may change at any time.
  • The website doesn't guarantee the quality of purchased materials.

Section 6 - Accuracy of Billing and Account Information

  • The website can refuse orders and limit quantities at its discretion.
  • Users are responsible for providing accurate purchase and account information.

Section 7 - Third-Party Links

  • The website might include content from third-party sources.
  • Users should review third-party policies before engaging in transactions.

Section 8 - User Comments, Feedback, and Other Submissions

  • Submissions may be used by the website without obligation.
  • The website may monitor, edit, or remove objectionable content.
  • Users must ensure their comments comply with legal and ethical standards.

Section 9 - Access to Content

  • Some content might be unsuitable for minors.
  • Users must ensure the accuracy of their provided information.

Section 10 - Errors, Inaccuracies, and Omissions

  • The website might contain errors or omissions, and reserves the right to update or correct them.

Section 11 - Prohibited Uses

  • Users are prohibited from various activities, including illegal actions and harassment.
  • The website may terminate access for violating these prohibitions.

Section 12 - Disclaimer of Warranties; Limitation of Liability

  • The website does not guarantee uninterrupted or error-free service.
  • Users accept the risks associated with using the service.
  • Liability for service use is limited to the extent permitted by law.

Section 13 - Indemnification

  • Users agree to indemnify and hold the website harmless from any third-party claims.

Section 14 - Severability

  • Unlawful or unenforceable provisions will be removed while maintaining enforceability.

Section 15 - Governing Law

  • All services and agreements are subject to United State law.

Section 16 - Changes to Terms of Service

  • Users must regularly check for changes to the Terms of Service.
  • Continued use of the service indicates acceptance of any changes.

Section 17 - Personal Database Management

  • Privacy Policy provides information on personal data management.